Old crossing guard hat pinned down in clean-out

Garbage Clean Up
Crossing guard hat with pins found in house clean-up job

I couldn’t have been happier to cross paths with this crossing guard hat.

A few years ago, I cleaned out a basement in a house that was at least 100 years old. It was filthy, with old tools and appliances that had been sitting down there for a century. We found an old hammer with wrought iron handles, old gas-powered model engines, copper pots and other old tools. Everything had to go.

As my crew and I were taking the boxes, one by one, and tons of garbage to load up the truck, I came across this crossing guard hat from 1928.

Dozens of pins and buttons, of all different shapes and sizes, covered the tan, felt material. They all had different messages, such as:

“Superman of America” (with an image of the hero himself)


“PS 152 Q GUARD” (probably the school where the guard manned the streets)

“HI-YA SUCKER” (my personal favorite)

“Don’t monkey with me”

The memorabilia on this hat could have come from cereal boxes from the 1930s and ’40s, when you could mail in a piece of cardboard from the box to redeem a prize. Or, maybe students gave pins to the crossing guard as a gift.

Garbage Cleanup

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