Rubbish removal company finds vintage TV brightener in Woodhaven, Queens

Basement Cleanout

Picture Tub Brightener found in full house clean-out job in Woodhaven, Queens

This cool find sure did brighten my day.

Just more than a year ago, my crew and I did a full house clean-out at a one-family home in the neighborhood Woodhaven in Queens, New York. The customer selling the house was out-of-town at the time. He was in charge of selling this home, which he had inherited. The real estate broker who was working with him recommended DiMola Bros to come and do a full rubbish removal job. We cleared out everything, from the kitchen cabinets to the furniture to junk we found in closets.

Apartment Clean Out

This guy saved all kinds of old stuff — baby food jars, nuts, bolts, nails, old files, and work tools. The Marvelite Picture Tube Brightener, which was lying on a wooden work bench (pictured below), was manufactured in 1959. It was made for a black-and-white old-fashioned television. Even though I don’t need it for my color flat screen at home, I still like to keep it around to remind me how far technology has come. Who says we can’t have old TV accessories in the present? It doesn’t have to be so black-and-white.

Garage Cleanout

The picture tube brightener was found in this garage on wooden work bench

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