Garbage company of queens finds vintage cigarette can

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This is a Philip Morris & Co. LTD, Inc. metal cigarette can. It states, "ESTABLISHED -- OVER 100 YEARS."

I don’t smoke, but this cool find got me huffing and puffing with excitement.

More than 20 years ago, in the 1990s, I found this Philip Morris cigarette tin when my crew and I were on a basement garbage removal job in Queens. The tin was inside an old, wooden workbench in the tool room of the house. It was full of carpet tacks, which I dumped out before I took the tin. Its sliding lid and tin material separate it from the usual soft or hard packs that cigarettes come in today.

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This old container is not merely an object from the past that sits on my shelf. Instead, it represents an interesting time in history, back when the cigarette industry was just beginning to soar and people didn’t know or understand the negative effects of smoking tobacco. The rise and fall of the cigarette has sparked controversy over the last century: to smoke or not to smoke? Why or why not? What are the health risks of smoking? What should lawmakers do to legally prevent people from smoking? This tin can symbolizes what society was like before this debate even began.

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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on August 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Garbage company of queens finds vintage cigarette can”

  1. What a find!

  2. […] August 2010, we found 1936 buffalo nickels, a vintage Philip Morris cigarette can, and even a century-old coal oven, which, unfortunately, we couldn’t take with us. But I was able […]

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