DiMola Bros finds 1936 buffalo nickels in NYC residential estate cleanout

Demolition Hammers

Buffalo and Indian head nickel bracelet


It’s money turned jewelry. These once-buffalo head and Indian head nickels — dated 1935 and 1936 — had been carved out and strung together to make a bracelet. I found it on a residential apartment cleanout job, after the homeowner passed away. The bracelet was lying in a box, which was full of custom jewelry that was to be thrown out. Before I tossed the box, I picked out what I liked. This bracelet, particularly, caught my attention because of how precisely its creator had carved the shapes. They were carved out so that only the figures of the buffalo and Indian heads remained, surrounded by the rim of the coin.

It’s cool enough finding old coins (I have a quite the collection of them, myself), but to find so many strung into a piece of jewelry was quite unique.

Garbage Pickup

Contact Information

DiMola Brothers – Main Office
1640 Summerfield Street
Ridgewood, NY‎ 11385
Phone – (718) 326-6969‎

Web site: http://dimolabros.com

~ by DiMolaBros1956 on August 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “DiMola Bros finds 1936 buffalo nickels in NYC residential estate cleanout”

  1. This would sell in a second in some hipster thrift store in Brooklyn. I’d buy it.

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  3. Interesting. I have a Buffalo Nickel from 1937 that someone had started to carve out just like that. Same attention to detail.

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