What a doll face: Garbage disposal service finds Brooklyn-born doll on cleanout job in Flushing, Queens

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Waste Disposal

Junk Removal

Waste Disposal

This might not be a baby doll, but it’s quite a doll, baby! And who would have thought it could be found on a garbage disposal job?

I found two of these antique dolls in an old brick building on yet another cleanout job in Flushing, Queens. The building is currently a laundromat, and the owner called me to clean out the basement of the place. It used to be a toy store, he said, and several other businesses have occupied the building since then. In the basement, there was a ton of junk — old papers, shelving units he didn’t need, paint cans, among other debris — that the owner just didn’t want anymore. Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to find anything worth taking home, I saw two antique dolls, sitting on a small shelf tucked underneath the staircase. Just perched on the shelf, the dolls made it seem like the store was still around. It was as if they had been frozen in time, and had once been surrounded by hundreds like them. For a second, I thought a toy store owner might even come down to take inventory. It seemed that real!

The doll is blond, and holding a Swedish flag that says “Swedish Lass” on the front. When the doll was made, it cost 89 cents. What a steal!

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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on September 24, 2010.

One Response to “What a doll face: Garbage disposal service finds Brooklyn-born doll on cleanout job in Flushing, Queens”

  1. What a great find!

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