GARBAGE COLLECTORS CLEAN UP: DiMola Bros residential house job leads to 1920s porcelain gas heater

Trash Pickup

This heater might not work anymore, but it sure is hot.

I found this old oil heater, powered by kerosene and a wick, in a coal bin on a residential house clean up job more than 10 years ago in north Brooklyn. The heater is covered in a thin layer of rust, everywhere except for the blue-coated porcelain that covers the body. The person who hired me to do the job said the entire house was going to be demolished, and the designated contractor was going to add three more stories on the existing foundation.

Before any of the renovations could even begin, DiMola Bros and my garbage collection crew had to remove all of the trash from the cellar, which is where the heater had sat for a number of years.  My crew members brought this back for me to see if I wanted to display it in my shop. Of course, I took it in, situating the heater in my cozy, museum-like office. It was patented on June 17, 1919, according to the tag on the front of the heater. Brooklyn garbage collections jobs always leads to great finds.

DiMola Brothers – Main Office

Rubbish Removal Company of Queens

1640 Summerfield Street
Ridgewood, NY‎ 11385
Phone – (718) 326-6969‎

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