Well, another great find: Well from 1800s found on Brooklyn interior demolition job

Trash Pick Up

Well found on Brooklyn interior demolition job

What started as a house interior demolition estimate ended in, well, another great antique and another great story.

I was with a customer in Brooklyn. She had just purchased this beautiful, rustic home, dating to 1839–almost 200 years old! The two-decade-old wall was all original plaster, and the 10-inch plank floors had detailed moldings from the 19th century. The customer wanted to renovate the entire place, but keep alive as much of the intricate, historical details as possible.

She was baffled by my passion for this old vintage stuff, but I had to explain to her that I am a young guy in the wrong era. After a complete walk-through of the house, looking at what she wanted to remove and demolish, she paused, looking at me like she had forgotten to show me the most important part of the house. “Want to see something cool in the yard,” she asked, already halfway out the door.

I followed her into the backyard, and there was an old well from the 1800s in the ground. Lined with red brick, the well was 5 feet in diameter, and 10 to 12 feet deep. She turned to me and asked, “Well, is it a water well, or a dry well?”

I know the answer — but do you? Look at the photos and let us know! Email me at NGDimola@aol.com.

Another great find on a demolition job.

Garbage Pick up

Me, standing next to the well, which is nearly 200 years old

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One Response to “Well, another great find: Well from 1800s found on Brooklyn interior demolition job”

  1. dude, this blog is killin’ it! i love the things we find in the crevices of nyc – everything just gets buried here, waiting to be excavated later.

    can’t wait to see what you find next.

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