Queens garbage collector finds 19th-century MacBeth oil painting in removal job

Queens garbage collector finds 19th century MacBeth oil painting in removal job

Rubbish Removal

19th century MacBeth oil painting, found on removal job


Let me paint you a picture.

Years ago, on a simple residential cleanout job, I discovered this beautiful oil painting, created and signed by the artist Wallace D. MacBeth.

After doing some basic Internet research, I learned that the only sites that offer any information about MacBeth were those that exhibited some of the paintings for sale. Today, the value of MacBeth’s paintings range from $50 to more than $3,500, according to various auction Web sites. These prices are quite high, especially considering how little information there is about the artist.

But I didn’t immediately realize I had such a rare collectible. After the residential cleanout job, the DiMola Bros crew and I brought back the painting to my warehouse in Queens. It sat there for five years before I remembered it was there.


Garbage Disposal

A close-up of the frame of the painting

With the demise of the economy — and therefore gradual decrease in business for my company — I had some extra time on my hands and decided to tidy up the warehouse. That’s when I discovered the painting, in good condition, leaning against a shelf. It displays 19th century royalty, complete with curly, white wigs for the men, and massive dresses and fancy up-dos for the women.

Even during a time when business is slow, it’s hard to lose hope when antiques like this painting come my way. DiMola Bros will stand strong, as long as my passion for rubbish removal — and antique collecting — does, too.


Wallace D. MacBeth's signature

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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on November 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Queens garbage collector finds 19th-century MacBeth oil painting in removal job”

  1. Hello! We have a large Wallace MacBeth oil (spring pasture scene) that we would like to sell. Any information on how to go about doing that?
    Jane and Brad

    • Hi j and brad — Thanks for the comment! As far as selling antique oil paintings, I would first get it appraised — either do research online or take it to an antique shop. You can determine its value on auction sites like eBay. Then, do some research and locate antique dealers who specialize in selling antique paintings. You don’t have to sell to a dealer, but oftentimes it’s just easier, and they are more willing to take the antique for a higher price because they are targeting a specific audience.

  2. A 19th Century MacBeth Oil Painting?? WOW!! That is some treasure! That’s got to be worth a pretty penny! 🙂

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