Queens rubbish removal company finds Univendo vending machine in laundromat basement cleanout!

Queens rubbish removal company finds Univendo vending machine in laundromat basement cleanout!

Trash Pick Up

First, we went down to the basement of the laundromat in Brooklyn. And saw a brown machine, hiding in the corner...

Some garbage companies pick up grimy garbage. Mine picks up vintage vending machines.

It was a Univendo vending machine, made by Stoner Manufacturing Company (in Aurora, Illinois)!

This vending machine was made by Stoner Manufacturing Company (in Aurora, Illinois), which is marked on the small sticker on the front. It’s a Univendo, which was a type of vending machine made in the 1930s and 1940s. I found the machine on a laundromat basement clean out job in Brooklyn. Most of the machines take only nickels and dimes — but this one takes only nickels, which is perfect, because that’s about all I’m making these days (so if you know of anyone who needs rubbish removed, clutter removed, or compaction service, send them my way … 718-326-6969).

Disposal Garbage

The original key is still in the coin drop box! (See at middle right of photo.)

The entire machine is made of metal, which looks like it has been sprayed with an unusual shade of metallic brown spray paint. Both the top and base parts of the machine are removable, so it can be screwed to the wall.

Trash Removal

As always, my crew cleaned up the basement before leaving the job.

After I conducted a basic Internet search, I learned that units very similar to this one were used in the 1930s for cookies, candy, cigarettes and soda. They all had different appearances; some had chrome plating in unusual shapes, and others had painted-on pinstriping. Some had big-lettered signs that indicate what it sold. For example, a vending machine that sold cookies would say “COOKIES” in giant letters across the front. This one, though, is sign-less, and was used for small boxes of soap powder that were sold in laundromats.

Disposal of Waste

DiMola Bros crew, hauling the vending machine from the laundromat basement in Brooklyn.

I swear, the people who hire me to do these rubbish removal and cleanout jobs must know I have my own personal museum in Ridgewood, Queens. Every time I’m on the job, I leave with a new antique — I can’t get enough of this! Garbage removal always reveals a hidden treasure.

Recycling and Waste

Success -- another cool find! After the laundromat basement clean out -- DiMola Bros crew standing proudly with the Univendo vending machine!

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  1. Great blog guys! Nice to see that people get more than just Mongo from the jobsites!

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