Queens junk removal company DiMola Bros junk finds vintage newspapers

Queens junk removal company DiMola Bros junk finds vintage newspapers, making big discoveries in his own garage

NYC Trash Removal

Vintage newspapers (all NY Daily News) from the 1940s

My stuff sure looks good on paper!

Last week, when I was on an interior demolition job in St. Albans, Queens, I found a giant stack of vintage newspapers. We were gutting out the second-floor full bathroom of a house that was built in the 1920s. As my demolition team was pulling down the ceiling in the corner of the bathroom, this old, yellowish newsprint came raining down on us (pictured below).

New York Waste Removal

DiMola Bros. junk removal company found these 1940s vintage newspapers on a full bathroom interior rip out job. Pictured here: Corner of bathroom ceiling

The newspapers were from the 1940s, so I brought them back to my personal museum (also known as my office in Ridgewood, Queens) and added them to my collection of antiques. As I flipped through, I was fascinated by various ads — a jewelry sale at the local jeweler; cleaning supplies or services for sale. There was even a house for sale for about $3,000 (I’m disappointed I missed that sale by 70 years. Check out some cost of living comparisons below). Suddenly, I stopped short when I turned the page to find a 1940s Hoover vacuum cleaner.

“I have that!” I shouted, pointing frantically at the page.

Page after page, there were items that I have in my very garage. I became inspired to share them with you.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting photographs and stories of items that are displayed in both these vintage newspapers and my own garage!

Plus, stay tuned for photos of the Ridgewood Theater, a historic landmark located on Myrtle Avenue in Queens. It’s going to be a supermarket by next year, and, of course, I had to snap some photos before it’s gone (get more info at NYDailyNews.com).

New York Garbage Disposal

*This information was taken from http://www.thepeoplehistory.com.

Check out more photos from the bathroom rip-out job!

The newspapers were found in the upper right-hand corner of the ceiling, just above this bathtub!

Trash Pick Up

DiMola Bros crew member, digging out the vintage papers!

New York Trash Disposal

Tah-dah! He proudly holds up the vintage newspaper that he had just found in the corner of the bathroom ceiling.

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10 Responses to “Queens junk removal company DiMola Bros junk finds vintage newspapers”

  1. Hello!

    What a GREAT website! I would “Friend” you on Face Book to get you more exposure, if you had a link..

    About the 1940s newspapers you found.. Before my uncle AJ died, he told me that there was a paper issued shortly after World War II with my Grandfather on the cover.

    I had remembered my Uncle’s story because my father told me the same story, before he died. Your grandfather apprehended several German Officers (my grandfather was a Naval Officer) in a submarine, laden with paintings and other pricey belongings. They were attemting an escape to South America.

    My grandfather brought them to justice, along with his crew, and made the cover of the paper in New York, “American Officer Tells German Officer Where To Go” was the headline. My grandfather has his finger in the German Officer’s face, in the picture. He called my grandmother to tell her, “Buy the paper tomorrow, I can’t tell you why..”.

    If you should happen upon that, I would just love to see it. A black and white copy or a scan.. it would give me closure.

    Thank you,
    Victoria L. Schneider

    • Hi Victoria — Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I will most certainly keep a look-out for that paper and will contact you if I happen to come across it. I will also work on adding Facebook to my blog. Thanks for reading. –Nick

  2. In the picture of the really tub & tiles to the front of the tub outside there is the metal post coming from the floor. What is that? i have seen those random metal post/poles in other bathrooms and always been curious. (and this might be a simply silly question!) lol

    • Hi Lilly — That pole has a pull knob on top to open and close the tub drain. It was still working until we ripped it out (we were hired to do a complete bathroom interior demo for new construction). Thanks for your comment!

  3. I used Nick Dimola and his crew on a recent job in Woodhaven, Queens. The home for sale was located two blocks away from Forest Park and shops on busy Jamaica Ave. They cleared out garbage for my seller and did a great job. My seller lived in the home since 1936 when she was little girl. She can’t stop ranting and raving about how happy she was about you and your crew. The twist to this story is the house is located next door to where a recent academy award winner grew up and often returns to visit his parents who still lives there….maybe someone can guess who this is!! thanks as always for your professionalism!!

  4. […] have posted some images of items I found in both the newspapers I discovered on a junk removal job (see post from Dec. 8) AND my own garage. Take a […]

  5. […] through the 1940s newspapers I had found on an interior demolition job in St. Albans, Queens (see my post from December), I came across an ad for some Star Razors for sale — four for 10 cents, or 12 for 25 cents. […]

  6. […] office, I remembered the issues of New York Daily News circa 1940s (I mentioned them in one of my older posts). Oddly enough, I found an ad for a pipe almost identical to mine! I love when I find different […]

  7. […] Queens junk removal company DiMola Bros junk finds vintage newspapers […]

  8. I see the date Feb 14th, 1940 (Valentine’s Day) on 1 of the papers, less then 60 days later the New York Rangers would become Stanley Cup Champions. They’d have to wait another 54 years (1994) before they could call themselves champions again.
    I’d be interested to know if the April 14th, 1940 edition was in that pile because I’m sure it would be worth a nice little fortune to either a New York sports memorabilia or NHL Hockey fan.

    But to think that back in 1940, with as little as $4,000 anyone could purchase a NEW house, NEW car, and still have loose change (a lot back then!) in your pocket is pretty amazing.

    Thanks for sharing this little historical gem!

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