Queens garbage guru is all work, no play — except when it comes to dominoes!

NYC House Hoarding

Me (Nick DiMola) holding a 1950s dominoes set that I found on a cleanout job in Bayside, Queens

New antique — hot off the press!

This is a cool set of dominoes I found on an estate cleanout job in Bayside, Queens. I scored this just two weeks ago and immediately had a crew member take my photo holding the set. It’s not every day you find stuff like this on an apartment cleanout, although based on my blog, some people might beg to differ.

Apartment Junk Disposal Queens

Vintage dominoes set

This box of dominoes has amazing color graphics on the top of the box. The German phrase “Alles auf rader: en kinder domino” — which literally translates to “Everything on wheels: a child’s domino,” according to Google Translate — is written with black and orange writing, which are painted over a vivid yellow background.

Queens Trash Removal

"Alles auf Rader" translates to "Everything on wheels."

There are two cars with a locomotive and helicopter on it. Judging by the style of the cars, I’d say this dominoes set was manufactured any time from 1950 to 1953.

Vintage dominoes set

The advertisement artwork and packaging is what I love the most. This is a child’s set, so rather than the typical numbered tiles, there are pictures of ducks, cars, planes, trains, automobiles and people. The tiles themselves are plastic and bright red, making this set a hit with any youngster.

And it only costs 27 cents.

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