DiMola Bros Queens garbage company scores HOLE tub of vintage spackle


Spackle & crack filler, found on garbage removal job by Queens rubbish removal company

I cracked on my Queens garbage removal job and snatched the spackle!

The 16-ounce box of spackle that I have is in its original packaging with original directions printed on the side of the box. It says “Trade Mark Reg. U.S. Pat. Off” on the side, and it contains a powder that had to be mixed with water in order to use it.

Antiques NYC

Powder spackle from 1927

Spackling powder was created in 1927. It was patented and trademarked in 1928, and although the word “spackle” is virtually used nationwide as a generic term to describe any household hole-filling product, the word is a registered trademark of the Muralo Company, which is located in Bayonne, N.J.

Mixing the water and powder together must have made spackling super messy. Drywall spackle is still available today, but it comes premixed and ready for use right out of the tub. You can buy a joint compound, which is a drywall compound similar to plaster, in all different sizes. They come in up to 5-gallon buckets!


Directions on back of 1920s spackle box, found in Queens garbage disposal job

But while today’s version might be more convenient and readily accessible, it’s just not as cheap as it used to be in the 1920s. Since then, the price of a 16-ounce container of spackle has increased by more than 1,200% — from 79 cents in 1927 to around $11 in 2011, according to a basic Internet search for spackle for sale.



Schalk's Crack Filler that DiMola Bros garbage collection crew found in trash pick up job

Schalk’s Crack Filler

I wouldn’t be surprised if most people used the term “spackle” to describe this product — Schalk’s Crack Filler. Manufactured by the Schalk Chemical Company in Los Angeles, this product has the same idea — fill cracks and holes in the wall. It can be used to fill holes in wood, wallboard or plaster. It’s even good for repairing furniture, and could be used to set loose joints. There is a copyright date of 1946 on the bottom of the can’s label, which also includes the original directions on how to mix, use and store this product.

Dept of Sanitation

Directions for crack filler

Both of the above items were found when we cleaned out a elderly man’s garage. This garage was cluttered and full of old junk, except for these two household products, which I’m glad I took — because I like them a hole lot.

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