Garbage guru finds vintage “3 Stooges” film reel in Queens house cleanout

Garbage guru finds vintage “3 Stooges” film reel in Queens house cleanout

Garbage Cleanout NYC

"3 Stooges" film reel -- "Dopey Dicks," 122nd short of series

This vintage 3 Stooges film was a reel-ly great find from a Queens house cleanout!

It’s a Super 8 home movie silent edition of the classic TV program, “3 Stooges.” It’s just a small 3-by-3-inch box that holds the 8-mm film reel of “Dopey Dicks,” which is the 122nd short of the series. The back of the box reads, “COLUMBIA BRINGS YOU THE FINEST HOME MOVIES,” and there are photos of characters or clips of Columbia programs, such as the “3 Stooges,” “The Flintstones,” “Mr. Magoo” and “Top Cat.”


Found by DiMola Bros on Queens house cleanout

The reel itself is bright red, and on the film, it reads, “Made in the USA,” and “All State Plastic Inc NYC,” which means it was made right here in New York! There is no year noted on the box, but it’s probably from the mid 1960s, as Super 8 film was released in 1965.

I found it in Astoria when I was on a Queens house cleanout job in New York City. Searching through all of the junk, and preparing to get rid of most of it, I found this reel. It was lying in the garbage, getting ready to be carted away, and I knew I had to have it. I loved the 3 Stooges as a kid, so this reminds me of my childhood. It’s funny to think that the kids used to watch silent films. Try telling a kid today to watch a movie without the sound — forget about it!

House Cleanout Queens

Side view of Super 8 silent film

Another successful Queens house cleanout by this garbage guru. Until next time — CUT. Let’s take five.

Queens House Clean Out

Back of film reel box, found in Queens house cleanout in NYC

DiMola Bros Rubbish Removal
1640 Summerfield St.
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Phone: 718-326-6969
Fax: 718-326-7979 /

~ by DiMolaBros1956 on March 11, 2011.

One Response to “Garbage guru finds vintage “3 Stooges” film reel in Queens house cleanout”

  1. Hi…you have a reel cool job!
    I like to go to the basement in my building. I found some junque there when someone passed away. I love to treasure hunt there. Found lots of toys for my grandkids. Most in good condition. I clean and “sterilize” them, and when they come to visit from California, the toys are waiting. I found a kids walker, toy piano, a guitar and a tricycle. So it pays to tresure hunt.

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