Garbage company has its best Queens apartment cleanout since its own Great Depression


New York Queens

Me, with a Lincoln log set from the 1950s.

I’ve been going through the Garbage Company Great Depression for the last year or so. I am not certain of how many are affected by it, just of the fact that DiMola Bros is experiencing a slight economic downturn (so again, feel free to pass along my name and put in a good word if you know anyone who needs his rubbish removed…DiMola Bros @ 718-326-6969).


Front view of Lincoln log set, found on Queens apartment cleanout in Flushing.

But let’s face it: Removing rubbish is my job, but collecting antiques is my passion. I don’t do this stuff for the money, so whenever I find something cool from an apartment cleanout job in Queens, New York, I make sure to keep a log – literally.

Lincoln log cabin sets like this one were popular back in the 1940s and ‘50s, but they still make them today. I found this particular set on an apartment cleanout job in Flushing, Queens, and although my set is vintage, the logs themselves do not look worn. They are almost identical to those you might find today in a Kmart or Toys ‘R’ Us, but it’s the vintage graphic on the front of the container that sets mine apart from its modern-day counterpart.

Waste Management

Vintage logo on 1950s log cabin container

There is no year on my Lincoln log set, but the labeling and images on the front hint that this could be from the 1950s. The kids’ haircuts and clothes – like the girl’s suspenders and the boy’s striped shirt – really date the set. Not to mention, the photo of the children is in black-and-white. The set is supposed to come with 70 pieces, as noted on the front of the container, but mine feels only two-thirds full.

Trash Containers

Original instruction sheet from 1950s Lincoln log set, found on Queens apartment cleanout in Flushing, N.Y.

People have said that during these last few years, the economy has not been this bad since the Great Depression. If you’ve suffered from the mighty housing crash, you might take comfort in building a new home – at least a toy one – with this vintage log cabin set.

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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on March 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Garbage company has its best Queens apartment cleanout since its own Great Depression”

  1. Awesome! Now i can build my summer home!

  2. The is so cool! love the kids on the container!

  3. that was my favorite toy to play with in 2nd and 3rd grade 🙂

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