A GARBAGE MAN’S DREAM: House cleanout in Bayside, Queens, gives DiMola the train he always wanted!


Vintage Lionel train set found in attic cleanout in Bayside, Queens

I was so happy to have tracked down this train set.

In a house cleanout in Bayside, Queens, I was cleaning out the attic and found this vintage Lionel electric train set. DiMola Bros was hired to do a full house cleanout because the place was going up for sale. Unfortunately, the set came with just the tracks and no train, but it’s still one of my favorite antiques.

The Lionel box, sitting in the attic where I found it

All of the tracks are made of metal, which I was immediately drawn to because most toys are made out of plastic nowadays. A train set now might be made of plastic and simply snap together, resulting in a flimsy, delicate track. The metal ones are clearly sturdy and able to hold heavy, metal train cars. And although they’ve aged a bit, the tracks can still interlock with one another.

Lionel train sets are still sold today for anywhere from $100 to $300, according to my basic online search. Still, those prices seems like pennies compared to what vintage train sets go for — up to $700! It’s amazing to me that my rubbish removal jobs lead me to these pricey antiques that people just don’t want anymore. Don’t they know what they’re missing? I’m glad I hopped aboard this train when I did.

What is a house cleanout?

I always talk about residential cleanouts or office rubbish removal jobs or full house and apartment cleanouts, and never fully explain what any of these jobs are because I am so excited about describing the antiques I find. Let me give you some background…

The metal train tracks interlock with each other.

A house cleanout job is a type of rubbish removal job. Typically, when a person is moving out of an house, he or she will call me to get rid of any remaining garbage, furniture or other items that are no longer wanted. Or, a landlord or building owner might call me to get rid of stuff that tenants have left behind.

I might get called to do a house cleanout job if someone who had lived alone dies unexpectedly, Often there is an excess of items and belongings in the house that is left behind. Family members of the deceased may turn to an estate or apartment clean-out or rubbish removal service that provides skilled workers to handle the garbage removal job. They sometimes tell me it’s a lot easier than doing it themselves. When I step in, the family members can relax immediately because they know that the house will be taken care of and cleaned out, and they can focus on family time.

Set of tracks with no train, found on attic cleanout job in Bayside, Queens

A house clean-out is just one type of service that DiMola Bros offers; we also provide garbage disposal services, partial clean-outs, junk removal, furniture pick-ups, commercial or residential estate cleanouts, and full house or estate cleanouts, among other types of services. We work in most of New York City — Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

DiMola Bros Rubbish Removal
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Ridgewood, NY 11385
Phone: 718-326-6969
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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on March 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “A GARBAGE MAN’S DREAM: House cleanout in Bayside, Queens, gives DiMola the train he always wanted!”

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