DiMola GRANTs his own wish on Manhattan rubbish removal job

DiMola Bros

Official Programme of the Exercises at the Dedication of the Monument and Tomb of General Ulysses S Grant; Grant was the 18th president of the United States, from 1869 to 1877.

Now all of my wishes have truly been granted.

This is an original program from April 27, 1897, the day that would have been Ulysses S. Grant’s 75th birthday, and the day when more than 1 million people gathered to honor Grant’s Tomb in Riverside Park, overlooking the Hudson River, in Manhattan. His body was buried there 12 years after his death.

I found this program on one of my many rubbish removal jobs in New York City. I know it’s an original because I had it authenticated by Sotheby’s. It lists many of the events attendees, who were a variety of dignitaries, family members, military personnel and political figures.

Grant was born in 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio, and died of throat cancer in 1885 in Mount McGregor, N.Y. Grant’s body was originally kept in a temporary tomb until he was transferred to the one in Riverside Park. Grant’s tomb is currently the largest mausoleum in all of North America.

Garbage Company

Inside the program, photo of Ulysses S. Grant


Table of Contents


Back cover of program

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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on April 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “DiMola GRANTs his own wish on Manhattan rubbish removal job”

  1. This is very awesome and so nice that it is to be donated. What a way to give a little back! Great job DiMola!

  2. Nick, I think you meant Riverside Drive? Don’t think there is a Riverside NY. The tomb is in Manhattan.

  3. I like your “play on words” when you describe your treasures!

  4. Nice Find!!!!

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