DiMola finds automatic blowtorch in hoarder’s Queens, NY, apartment clean up

DiMola finds automatic blowtorch in hoarder’s Queens, NY, apartment

Lenk Automatic Alcohol Blowtorch No.108

Patented August 25, 1925 – U.S . Patent Office

Made by the Lenk Mfg Co of Newton Lower Fall, Massachusetts.

Clean Up

Lenk Automatic Blowtorch No.108, found on house clean up job in Queens, NY. Check out the hoarder's junk behind it!

I went on a rubbish removal  job last week and it felt a little like I was on the TV show “Hoarders.”

House Clean Up

Lenk Automatic Alcohol Blotorch No.108

There was stuff everywhere. I’m not sure how or why people live like this, but in my line of work, I see it all the time. Still, one good thing always comes out of it — the stuff I find on the job. Just this week, I found this Lenk Automatic Blow Torch No. 108 in this hoarder’s Queens, NY, apartment clean up.

The brass tubes, which are held together by a brass clip, are about seven-eighths of an inch in diameter, and about five and five-eighths inches tall. The torch is in its original box, which is slightly beat up, but the original directions are still inside. The box states: “To clean the orifice before lighting the torch, a cleaning wire is enclosed, do not enlarge the orifice.” Well, we don’t have the cleaning wire.

The other side of the box states, “The Lenk Trade Mark Is A Definite Assurance of Satisfactions,” and the top says, “Leak Proof Intense Heat.” Automatic torches were mainly used for light soldering work, both electrical and radio wiring. The torches also came in handy for melting wax or other casting materials. The melted materials were used to make molds. Usually these torches were more commonly used that gasoline torches because they were lighter in weight, but also safer.


Original directions were in the box.

The box has “$2.00” written on the top in black marker, which indicates it may have been sold at a garage sale. From everything I’ve seen on TV about hoarders, the person who lived in this Queens, NY, apartment probably did not need this blow torch when he bought it. His house was covered in junk from the floor to the ceiling, and it was difficult to clean out. I guarantee he went to a yard sale of some sort and just purchased a ton of stuff he didn’t need. However, I really can’t blame him for buying this cool torch. After all, I like it so much that I probably would have done the same thing! As we all know, if you’ve got junk, I want it.

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