DiMola discovers a family’s 1977 memories on Brooklyn junk removal job

Garbage Pick Up

Calendar from 1977, found in junk removal job in Brooklyn

I might have been in Brooklyn, and not California, but this junk removal job made me feel like I was in an episode of the Brady Bunch.

It was completely outdated, with wood paneling and furniture from decades ago. The wallpaper was faded, like it had been through years of wear and tear. But what really made me feel like Bobby Brady was about to pop out of the closet was the 1977 car calendar hanging on a wall that was covered in car wallpaper.


Car wallpaper, found in Brooklyn home

It was in the second-floor bedroom of a house that had been sold. The previous owners had a week to move out, because the house was going to be demolished and replaced with a custom-built home.

I couldn’t believe that a calendar from 1977 had been left hanging there for nearly 35 years. Most of the stuff in that house was probably about the same age. The owners obviously never went into that room, or else I would imagine it would be in slightly better condition, with slightly newer furniture and decor. I wish I had asked more about their story, but for now, these photographs will suffice!

Second-floor bedroom in Brooklyn home on junk removal job

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2 Responses to “DiMola discovers a family’s 1977 memories on Brooklyn junk removal job”

  1. WOW! That’s awesome wall paper!! Brings back memories! Hope you kept some!

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