SHOTS ALL AROUND! Garbage guru DiMola finds 100-year-old rye whiskey bottle produced by A. Overholt & Co.

Pick Up Trash

100-year-old whiskey bottle

Ah, drinking whiskey never gets old. But sometimes the bottle does.

Waste Management

Back label on whiskey bottle

This one is 100 years old, and I found it just resting in a kitchen cabinet. It was in a house where I was hired to pick up trash that had been left behind by the former owners.

This bottle is certainly too old to have been used by the owners of the New York house, so maybe there’s some other story behind it; perhaps it’s a family heirloom, or maybe the former owners simply liked antique bottles. Or maybe they owned a rubbish removal company and found it on a garbage pick up job and decided to keep it in their antique collection. No, wait — that’s me!

It was produced by A. Overholt & Co., which is a subsidiary of Beam Global Spirits & Wine, which produces that delicious Jim Beam. And it manufactures the rye whiskey Old Overholt. At 100 proof, this is serious stuff that can take serious advantage of you if you’re not careful.

Nick DiMola

The 100-year-old bottle was just sitting inside a kitchen cabinet right next to brand new canned goods, like marinara sauce and creamed corn.

The label says:

“This bottle has been filled and strip-label-sealed in accordance with the provisions of the National Prohibition Law and regulations pursuant thereto. Any person who shall reuse this bottle for the purpose of containing distilled spirits without destroying the strip-label-seal and label will be prosecuted.”

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