Maspeth, Queens trash removers can fix your boiler — with cement!

Maspeth, Queens trash removers can fix your boiler — with cement!

Oh the boiler blogs today…

“My boiler was making some funny noises from the motor.”

“My boiler has no pressure and wont work how can i fix this?”

“I am having problems with my boiler, can anyone help me fix it?”

“Looking for advice on repairing a 12 year old Burnham Hot Water Furnace…was replaced under warranty 11 years ago and now is leaking again..not confidence inspiring for this particular brand…”

China Cement, found in garage in Queens, New York

I wear many hats, and giving my customers a clean garage is sometimes one of them. I found this Spearhead Quick Set China Cement when I was doing a home clean out a few years ago.

Just by looking at my photographs, you can see I found it sitting on a shelf in the garage of an old house in Queens, New York. The cement is meant to plug holes that develop in boilers.

The funniest part about this product is that it offers a lifetime guarantee, which is a better warranty than what you’d find on a boiler itself. In fact, on the back label of the cement jar, it says: “NEVER FAILS; ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED!”It is just so funny to me that a product was once advertised as something that “never fails” — you wouldn’t see something like that today.

I was bummed to see that there’s not a whole lot of information available about this product. If you have any information or ideas as to when it was made and how effective it is, by all means — comment on the blog!


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