ESTATE CLEANOUTS KEEP ADDING UP: Queens rubbish removal company finds 1972 Panasonic calculator

Estate cleanouts keep adding up: Queens rubbish removal company finds 1972 Panasonic calculator


Panasonic calculator from 1972 (MODEL JE 850U)

I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure Nick DiMola + this calculator = a whole lot of happiness.

I liked this Panasonic calculator so much, I threw out my modern solar-powered calculator that had been on my desk and replaced it with this one. I use it almost every day. It’s your average four-function calculator, but it’s cool and it works great.

Queens Rubbish

Right where I found it: In the dining room during an estate house cleanout

This calculator was made in 1972, so it amazes me that it still works like new — almost 40 years later! The dimensions are about 98mm x 165mm x 45mm. The buttons are firmer than they are on the newer ones, which feel like you’re pressing down on air.

I found it in a Queens estate cleanout. As I mentioned before, estate cleanouts are rubbish removal jobs that I do for people when their family members or close friends pass away, and they need to get rid of junk and older items that the people had left behind.

Antique Furniture

Panasonic Calculator from 1972

This calculator was in a dresser drawer that was sitting in the dining room of a Queens house. To think that it would have been thrown away, depriving me of adding and subtracting numbers — well, let’s just say I’m glad I grabbed it when I did, or I’d be minus one special antique.

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