TAKE A VACATION — FROM HOME! DiMola finds 1939 View-Master in Brooklyn estate cleanout

Whoever said you had to physically move to go on vacation obviously didn’t have this View-Master.

Well, I do have it. And because of it, I can look at awesome places, such as Hollywood, Los Angeles, Niagra Falls, Yellowstone Park.

About a year ago, in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn — exact location TBD, but I do know it was another successful estate cleanout job — I was cleaning out an old apartment. A family had hired me to get rid of everything in this apartment after their loved one had passed away. Despite the morbidity of the situation, it was just the kind of job I like — one with tons of stuff, everywhere.
The family wasn’t going to take anything from the pile of junk. In fact, they were going to throw out every last item. Until I came in.

I snatched up this View-Master, which was stored in its original box and came with more than 15 reels of View-Master slides.

For those of you who don’t know, a View-Master is a little contraption that you can use to view 3D images that are stored on a paper disk.

The one I found came with images of places and events like the New York World’s Fair, the Great Exposition in Britain, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood sign in the land of the movie stars, the Great Lakes, Yellowstone National Park and many more.

Although the concept of the View-Master was conceived much earlier, the device itself was not manufactured and sold until 1939. It was first presented at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, where the View-Masters were distributed and meant to be used as an alternative to a scenic postcard.

There is no year listed on my View-Master, but based on my basic research, I believe it was one of the earlier models that were produced in 1939.

I really do love finding stuff like this — it costs me nothing, and I feel like I get a few vacations out of it, even they’re only images.

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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on August 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “TAKE A VACATION — FROM HOME! DiMola finds 1939 View-Master in Brooklyn estate cleanout”

  1. Hi Nick, since I’m from Queens, what does TBD atand for?
    I, too, had the ViewMaster when I was a kid in the 1950’s.
    My husband collected Steroptic cards and I now inherited so many 3D cards from Keystone and Keystone and others. Also have the Sterioptic viewer to see the cards.

    Wish I knew more about them. These are from the early 1900’s. Presidents, and places of interest.

  2. […] the 1939 World’s Fair brochure I found in an estate cleanout in Flushing, Queens, and the View-Master that has an image of the World’s Fair. Or perhaps you recall the 1939 yearbook World’s […]

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