Garbage clean up job reveals 1970s teenager’s true love

That's some hair.

Remember when you were a kid, and you collected photos of the celebrities who you thought you really awesome or really attractive? Well, this kid took it one step too far when he or she made not one, not two, but THREE different scrapbooks of actor John Travolta.

Many of the images in the albums were from 1978, when "Grease" came out.

This kid must have been a huge fan! These photographs are from the 1970s and display articles, photos and advertisements that feature Travolta during his younger days. It looks like many of these photos were taken before or around the time that the movie Grease was released in 1978.

The 3 albums that were created by this 1970s teenager

I found these books on a garbage clean up job where all of the stuff had been bagged up by the home owner himself.

The crazy cool cars, huge hairstyles and ’70s clothes make me laugh. These books would make a John Travolta collector’s day!

John Travolta: Destiny's Child


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One Response to “Garbage clean up job reveals 1970s teenager’s true love”

  1. Awesome!!! Travolta was the BOMB!!!! I’d love to see this too!

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