DiMola in the news again! “Ridgewood Man Builds Trash Trove”

This article is by Luis Gronda and was taken from The Forum News Group.

This photo was taken from The Forum News Group.

For Nick DiMola, his job is more than just removing garbage. It’s a way to keep his passion for collecting antique treasures alive.

DiMola, who is the president of DiMola Bros Inc., a rubbish removal and interior demolition company on Summerfield Street in Ridgewood, has practically turned his office and garage into a museum featuring the countless trash treasures he’s collected over the years.

“Garbage tells you the story,” said DiMola, who has been running the company for 15 years. “That’s the best part about it.”

Among the items in DiMola’s vast collection is a pair of 1934 firefighter boots worn by Battalion Chief Peter Loftus. With it, is a certificate that not only ensures its authenticity, it’s also a glimpse into what Loftus’ life was like.

DiMola says that he likes to collect old treasures, in part, because he sees sentimental value in items, especially those that have meaning behind it.

“Things that could tell a story about a person, that’s what I Like,” he said.

Antique stereo players, vending machines and gasoline pumps are also a large part of DiMola’s collection. DiMola takes these items, which most would either deem garbage or let it collect dust in their basement.

As opposed to a brand new toy, DiMola would rather have it look battered and rusty.

“That has more character to me,” DiMola said. “Because the kids played with that.”

DiMola has a 1960s record player in his office that’s in good physical condition. After waiting a few minutes for the cables to warm up, and turning some knobs and pressing a few buttons, the radio still plays music as if it were brand new.

Although DiMola has a large collection of old treasures, he prefers to not sell his items, even if people approach him with an offer.

“I like collecting a lot of stuff, that’s my problem,” DiMola said. “When I find things, it’s not easy to part with.”

Rather than sell, DiMola prefers to trade with someone who’s interested in getting a treasure that he owns.  DiMola has made trades that saw him acquire old signs, license plates and bottles.

“For me, I’d rather trade for something that has my interest,” DiMola said.

DiMola features his collection on a blog, welovegarbage.wordpress.com. The blog, which started in January 2010, features posts on the treasures that he finds including a description of what it is and where he found it. DiMola says that only treasures that have an interesting story to tell are featured on the blog.

What DiMola hopes to utilize his large collection by opening up a restaurant in the near future. DiMola says that it would be a brick-oven pizza/cheese and wine restaurant decorated with his treasure collection. He says there would be roped-off areas where customers can walk around and look at his collection.

“I want people to drive their old cars to come eat at my restaurant,” DiMola said.

by Luis Gronda

This photo was taken from The Forum News Group

DiMola Bros Rubbish Removal
1640 Summerfield St.
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Phone: 718-326-6969
Fax: 718-326-7979
NGDimola@aol.com / http://dimolabros.com

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2 Responses to “DiMola in the news again! “Ridgewood Man Builds Trash Trove””

  1. I saw this article! It was awesome! Congrats!

  2. It’s all too incredibly cool. I know i would love some of the stuff nick runs across. a site visit to his museum should be added to any class taught in the city on urban archaeology.

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