LOOKIN’ SHARP! Queens Garbage pick up service finds BOSTON pencil sharpener in office space cleanout

BOSTON pencil sharpener, found in office space cleanout in downtown Manhattan

It’s crazy how a manual pencil sharpener brings back childhood memories, but it does. Now we’ve got mechanical pencils and electric pencil sharpeners. And pens.

I found this mechanical pencil sharpener in an office space cleanout in downtown Manhattan. It was manufactured by the BOSTON Pencil Sharpener company, which was founded in 1899. Kids were using these pencil sharpeners less than 10 years ago. Heck, they might even still be using them today. But despite that this sharpener is one of the newer antiques I own, this particular manufacturer no longer makes these manually crank-able pencil sharpeners.

Now, they are made in China, but they don’t have the creativity and authenticity of the originals. They’re made of plastic, unlike Boston’s durable metal ones, and they come in cheesy colors, such as hot pink or electric orange. Of course, you could buy antique pencil sharpeners on various auction and retail Web sites, such as eBay or EarlyOfficeMuseum.com.

Known for producing the first ball point pen, the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company acquired the BOSTON Pencil Sharpener company in 1925.

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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on August 31, 2011.

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