Trash company uncovers rare Raphael Soyer painting in Soho removal job

When a rich guy in a Soho loft owned it, you know it’s good.

In a garbage removal job in Soho last month, I cleaned out this guy’s apartment on Wooster Street, and he left behind a ton of stuff. Furniture, art… you name it, it was there.

This painting was left behind, and I didn’t get a good look at it until I got back to my shop. A quick Google search of the artist’s name told me his work goes for $4,000. Nice, Nick.

It was really dirty and seemed old. But at second glance, I realized it was an original painting by a famous artist named Raphael Soyer. I’m no art expert, but usually art from these jobs turn out to be worth a bit of money, considering most of the tenants are elderly and are just looking to get rid of their junk.

The painting is still in decent condition. It’s 14 by 10 inches and is done in pencil and watercolor. I had to remove the frame to get a better look, and the edges of the paper were slightly frayed, showing its age. Still, I feel like I came out a winner.

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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on February 24, 2012.

5 Responses to “Trash company uncovers rare Raphael Soyer painting in Soho removal job”

  1. Hi Nick..that was a lucky find.
    I hope the grey spot on the woman’s thigh is dirt and not a bruise!

  2. Dear Sir ,hope that is truly the original watercolor . I have one just like it ,it seems Shorewood Publishers, Inc. made some . At first glance its a great reproduction of a watecolor,as soon as I removed the painting from the frame , paper is a little slick and it’s printing read Raphael Soyer “Recining Woman” New York Private Collection Distributed by Penn Prints, New York.

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