How to clean a garage in one weekend

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It’s that time of year when the winter clothes are switched out for the summer ones, the snow sleds are stored away, and the lawn mowers and wheelbarrows have a new home where they are readily available every Saturday. It’s the perfect time of year to get rid of the junk that’s taking up space in your garage — space that could be used for more important things, like a new car, or (in my case) antiques from trash pickup jobs.

Today, I’m bringing you five great tips that will teach you how to clean a garage in just one weekend.

1. Clear your schedule for the weekend. That’s right. This could take an entire two days. Depending on how neglectful you’ve been to your garage, doing a deep clean could take a long time. So save yourself the disappointment of missing the game on Sunday and plan to be unavailable. For a while.

2. Take everything out of the garage. Yep, you heard me. Everything. Empty the entire thing so that you’re looking at nothing but a concrete floor and a concrete wall. It sounds like a huge hassle, but it’ll be more of a hassle if you avoid it because you’ll have to work around a bunch of garbage and, ultimately, you won’t get the results you want. It’ll ensure that your garage is the most cleaned and most organized it can be.

3. Clean the whole place. Why? Because you probably never do. It’s the only room in the house that never benefits from a deep cleaning. Open the windows and doors to maximize ventilation. Vacuum the dust and cobwebs. Scrub the tire marks that your cars have left behind.

4. Install storage units (if you don’t already have them). Using storage units is the best way to keep everything in your garage neat and organized so that it doesn’t look like a junkyard. You can decide how best to organize your storage units based on looking at all your stuff. Does everyone in your family own a bike? If so, it’s probably best to get a bike rack or hooks for hanging. How many pairs of snow boots do you own? If you have a lot, it might make sense to get special cubbies just for them.

5. Put everything away. The fun part! Put everything neatly back in the garage so that it’s tidy and organized — the exact opposite of how you found it. And try to keep it that way until next year — when you decide to clean it again.

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