How to make moving hassle-free

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I often get calls from building owners or landlords who want me to remove garbage after their tenants have moved out. Sometimes they’re redoing the entire building and need me to knock out a wall or three. Other times, they need me to get rid of all the garbage that their former tenants left behind. Whether you’re the building owner or the moving tenant, there are steps you can take to make the move as seamless and as hassle-free as possible.

For the sake of avoiding confusion, I’m going to call the building owners / tenants “GICs,” which is short for Guys In Charge.

Tenants: Take a trashcan to the place. Before, during and after you pack your stuff, have a trashcan handy at all times. Before you start packing, do a detailed run-through of the place to see what you can throw out. Throw away (or recycle) any garbage, including anything you simply don’t need anymore. It’ll make packing a lot easier because many of your unwanted items will be out of the way.

Once you start packing, have a trashcan nearby. It’ll help you when you’re sorting through all your stuff and you realize you have even more stuff to throw away. Finally, when you’re finished packing, trash everything you’re not taking with you. It’ll make it a lot easier on the GICs when it comes time to tidy up the place.

GICs: Designate a spot for all the garbage mentioned above. It sounds like an obvious tip, but believe me: There are plenty of GICs who have forgotten this step and it’s made the move a lot harder on them. It’s no secret that when people move, they throw out a lot more garbage than they usually would, so designating a large-than-normal spot for it will save you a lot of your own trips to the dump.

And whether you’re a GIC or a moving tenant, it can never hurt to use professional services, like pro movers and pro rubbish removers.

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