Queens garbage ends up in garbage collector museum


In a Queens garbage estate cleanout, the DiMola Bros crew and I cleared out a full one-family house with 80 years of memories. The items I found in the garbage can that almost wound up in the garbage truck!!!!

[More Trash Treasures: DiMola finds vintage 2-L Coca-Cola bottle buried in NY sea of clutter]

Brochures from the 1940 World’s Fair in New York. brochure was for the Pullman Company Exhibit. This exhibit depicted the company’s success with advancement in the railroad development. The exhibit showed the advancements they made with the comfort of the rail cars to the addition of new cars. It showed the different levels of travel accommodations as well as the lounge cars and observation cars.

This brochure is in near-perfect condition and includes pictures and descriptions of the exhibit as well as descriptions of the staff and conveniences the railway offered.

[More Trash Treasures: Video: DiMola Bros team loading rubbish removal truck]

Three postcards from the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. Each postcard depicts a different area of the fair grounds. The Corona North Gate, No. 2 Food Building (north) shows a Mural Painting and the New York State Exhibit Building and Fountain Lake Amphitheater. All three postcards are in amazing condition and show a piece of New York’s history well worth remembering.

FUTURAMA brochure from the World’s Fair. It’s a brochure for the General Motors “HIGHWAYS AND HORIZONS” exhibit at the fair. It shows the development and new opportunities the progress hopes to bring to our future. This was the highlight exhibit at the World’s Fair — it was very popular and highly anticipated!!!







~ by DiMolaBros1956 on March 28, 2013.

2 Responses to “Queens garbage ends up in garbage collector museum”

  1. great find, and excellent photos!
    I have an adult admission ticket from the 1964 World’s Fair! At Flushing Meadows.
    It was $2.00 admission. I’d like to sell it .

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