Trash team finds Goldberger ventriloquism doll in Queens NYC house clean out


This ventriloquist doll was produced by Goldberger Doll MFG. Co., Inc., a doll manufacturing company based in Brooklyn that’s still around today. Eugene Goldberger founded the company in 1916 when he decided that teddy bears should be more regularly created and distributed across America, given Americans’ fondness for them and the joy they brought to people everywhere.


Today, the company is run by CEO Jeffrey Holtzman, the third generation of this family-owned, family-centered business. “Our dolls are made to love, to cuddle, to teach, and to inspire the imagination…” Holtzman is quoted on the company website.


Goldberger still sells ventriloquist dolls like this one and they come in six different varieties: Charlie McCarthy (like the one I found in the cleanout), Mortimer Snerd, Howdy Doody, Slappy, Lester and Carol Channing.


Charlie, pictured here on the blog, is a 30-inch ventriloquist “elegantly dress in tuxedo.” Wears high hat and monocle to! TV and Radio star, Edgar Bergen’ favorite personality. Mouth moves by pull string,” according to


Ventriloquism is basically an act where someone changes his voice so that it seems like it’s coming from somewhere else, and it’s usually coming from a puppeteered dummy like Charlie. It started as a religious practice, and in the Middle Ages, people thought it was similar to witchcraft. But starting around the 19th century, people stopped believing that it had these types of ties.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 9.36.53 PM

From the picture here, you can see that the doll even comes with instructions on how to engage in ventriloquism. It teaches you exactly how to hold your mouth and how to speak when trying to use the doll.

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