Garbage removal NYC company finds Vatican coin on waste removal job


I found this Vatican coin a few years ago on a Manhattan waste removal job and said, “Wow, I got to have this!”  After my garbage removal NYC team and I found it, I kept it in my collection for a few years and gave it away recently, last year, to a very good friend of mine.  Let me tell you why.

My friend Gary and his wife Merry go to the same neighborhood restaurant that we go to. We met them their through the restaurant owners, who are friends with Gary and Merry, and also with my wife and me. Through this mutual friend and a nice dinner, we learned that Gary and Merry are very involved with churches and religions of all kinds. They go to Rome to visit the Vatican very often and are even friends with the Pope. On top of that, they adopted their two sons and, at the time, my wife and I were signed up with an adoption agency ourselves, so we felt a nice connection with this couple.


As a little time went on, we became friends and shared a few more meals. Eventually, the time came for us to adopt our beautiful son. We went out of state to complete the adoption when our son was born and we called many people while we were away, including Gary and Merry. One night while we were in our restaurant, they were having dinner at a table with other friends while my wife, our son, our cousins and me were at another table. During the middle of dinner, Gary came over to our table, sat down, and pulled something out of his pocket. It was a beautiful set of wooden Rosary beads that came directly from being Blessed by the Pope at the Vatican in Rome! He said it was for our son, and it was a great moment.

When we Christened our son, Gary and Merry were there, and so were those Rosary beads. Needless to say, our priest who Christened our son (and who was adopted himself) was very impressed!


So, shortly after, while once again at our favorite place to eat, we met up with our friends once again and I gave this special coin to my friend Gary as a token of our thanks and friendship to him and his wife.  It was a special coin for me and I was very happy to pass it on to someone that was special to me and who would appreciate it just as much, or maybe even more, than I did.

When finding that coin, I knew it had special meaning and that it was meant for something and for someone who would truly appreciate it. As it turned out, Gary told me that the coin is the pontificate of Paul VI. But the sad reality, he said, was that he and Merry lost it in the fire that took their house during Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 29, 2012. It’s disheartening, but it’s reality, to think that a coin that was saved from rubbish ended right back where it began — amidst more garbage and debris. This time, because of Sandy, it is maybe in worse conditions than before. Even still, everything has a place and a story behind it. Sometimes, like with this coin, you can come up with a new story for an old item, and it feels good.

Gary L. Krupp heads The Pave the Way Foundation. For more information, visit or email

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7 Responses to “Garbage removal NYC company finds Vatican coin on waste removal job”

  1. That was an amazing story and beautiful. I would like to believe that the coin that you found in the rubbish and garbage in NYC was blessed itself and maybe, just maybe, it went to a couple that needed that blessing and good luck to save them from a different fate. I would also like to believe that someone else found that same coin in the debris and garbage caused by Sandy and it went on to help someone else with it’s blessing, history and good luck. Kinda like a pay it forward!

  2. Heart warming story, for people of all faiths.
    What goes around, comes around, and this coin is in
    good hands. God bless Mr DiMola and his clean up crew,

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  4. […] Garbage removal NYC company finds Vatican coin on waste removal job […]

  5. […] Garbage removal NYC company finds Vatican coin on waste removal job […]

  6. Very nice blog. During garbage collection sometime people find some coins as shown in this blog. But they should returned to authority as its authority property as per the responsible person .

    Waste clearance london

  7. […] Garbage removal NYC company finds Vatican coin on waste removal job […]

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