Park Avenue garbage removal job unveils signed head shots of Joan Crawford

If you’ve seen, read or heard of “Mommie Dearest,” you know Joan Crawford is infamous for physically and verbally abusing her four adopted children. It’s a bit of a chilling story. So when I went on a Park Avenue garbage removal job and found (what I think are) 1966 signed head shots and a news clipping documenting her daughter’s wedding, in which she was the matron of honor, I was a pretty fascinated.

Crawford was an American actress and by the end of the 1920s, she had become nationally known as a flapper. When she married her fourth and final husband, Al Steele, in 1955, she developed a relationship with Pepsi Cola. Steele became the president and then eventually the chief executive officer of the company. Crawford became the top spokeswoman for Pepsi, during which she traveled more than 100,000 miles for the job. After Steele died of a heart attack in 1959, Pepsi fired Crawford, who went to the press with the story. Pepsi reversed its position and decided to put Crawford on the company’s board of directors.

Crawford’s relationship with Pepsi would explain why Pepsi’s former address (500 Park Ave., New York, N.Y.) was the return address on the envelope that enclosed the signed photos of Crawford. The envelope was addressed to Bob in north Chicago. The envelope also contained a news clipping headlined “Glamorous Joan Plays the Mother of the Bride.”


Are you a Joan Crawford fan or foe? Let us know in the comments!


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~ by DiMolaBros1956 on June 16, 2012.

7 Responses to “Park Avenue garbage removal job unveils signed head shots of Joan Crawford”

  1. Nice find. Post the value when you find out. Thanks.

  2. What do you intend to do with the photos?

  3. […] Park Avenue Garbage Removal Job Unveils Signed Headshots of Joan Crawford […]

  4. Fan. I have been collecting Joan memorabilia for 22 years

  5. Love Joan! Great find!

  6. Awesome finds. Fan for sure. Christina’s a proven liar. Even said Joan killed her husband, HA!

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