Don’t be trashy. Read this blog.

As you might have guessed by now, I love trash. But not just any type of trash. I like to take old things that people don’t want anymore and preserve them.

Every inch of my office — from floor to ceiling — is covered in old signs and decorated with gadgets I have found on the job, whether it was when I was demolishing an old apartment building or simply cleaning up trash around a residential garden.

Every day, I’ll post a photo of something cool that I’ve found, hence “Coolest Find of the Day.” Some items are normal, like clocks or jewelry. Others, though, are a bit more rare, like old war letters from the mid-1900s, kitchen gadgets from 1914  and even pin-up girl posters from the 1960s. Either way, I’ve found some pretty cool stuff. Take a look.

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3 Responses to “COOL JUNK OF THE DAY”

  1. REALLY enjoyed looking through your blog! I’m American, but I live in Sweden, and we have big, public recycling centers here and I’ve told my husband a zillion times I could never work there, the things that people bring in…. ahhh! I’d need a bigger place to house my treasures!

    Thanks for an afternoon of enjoyment!

  2. cool junk!!!!!!!!!!!

    im starting my own clean-out business in new jersey, and i got really excited from your web site blog of all the cool stuff you find from jobs, i too love old and nostalgia stuff and cant wait to dig into some jobs to find some really cool stuff. keep up the great work guys, mike

  3. Hi, I saw your site and loved it, me and my friend Sam collect a lot of things, but me i love the theater, cinema goods is what i go for, my child hood memories lie in them, thrue movie posters, the classic marquee letters, poster frames. etc. ever since my first movie experience was jaws, that john williams score on sencseround that palace type art deco motiefs, i was in love with the classic vaudville movie houses for ever. so any other finds would be appreciated.

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