Office Space Cleanout

Nick DiMola, sitting in front of hundreds of porcelain signs he's found on NYC demolition jobs and home clean-outs

Some people collect art. Others collect coins. Nick DiMola collects trash — literally.

For the past 30 years, DiMola, 40, has been preserving items he finds on the job at DiMola Bros., his rubbish removal and interior demolition company. He has thousands of items displayed in his Ridgewood, Queens office, from World War II letters to 1950s sports equipment. For DiMola, cool items are not hard to find.

“Ninety-five percent of the time I find something on the job that I want,” DiMola said. “It could be a bottle cap, it could be a newspaper article, it could be a coin.”

DiMola’s passion for collecting antiques began in the 1980s, when he found products from the 1950s that had decals with interesting writing and advertisements. First, he displayed his findings on a small shelf near his workbench, which was the only office space he had at the time.

“Next thing you know, it just keeps accumulating, filling the walls, filling the ceiling,” DiMola said.

In the mid-1990s, DiMola moved to a small warehouse in Ridgewood, Queens, but he kept his antiques in boxes because he had too many to display. Finally, in 2007, DiMola moved to a warehouse in Queens that was four times the size of his small Ridgewood office. Now, his collection covers his floor, walls and ceiling, giving visitors plenty to look at and admire. And, although he’s proud of what he has now, DiMola is not finished collecting antiques he finds on the job.

“It’s part of me,” DiMola said. “I love saving history. I’m going to keep doing this until the day I retire.”

Contact Information

DiMola Brothers – Main Office
1640 Summerfield Street
Ridgewood, NY‎ 11385
Phone – (718) 326-6969‎

Web site: http://dimolabros.com


  1. I saw this site in a local Queens newspaper and decided to check it out, I am glad to see that you guys appreciate the old signs and and packaging. I am in the British auto repair business and have a pretty nice collection ( to me) of “Stuff” I am also a yard sale attendee and will buy similar items as you are saving. I think the art work and style of those old signs and packages set set the products apart, not like today where everything looks the same ( just like automobiles)

    Keep saving these bits of history

  2. This is so cool – I’m so happy for Nick, that he does something professionally that also satisfies his interests and hobbies. I’m a lover of flea markets and found objects and repurposing items for use in jewelry, handbags, and clothing, so I can relate to the adrenaline rush of discovery. It’s what off-price companies rely on in consumer behavior for traffic – the possibility of finding something that could be really important. What a wonderful life to be able to make a living that also makes him so happy.

  3. I loved looking through your trash and reading about your passion. You sure have found the secret to happiness. Do what you love and it will never feel like work. One of these days I would love to see you on Antiques Roadshow with something worth lots and lots of money too.
    I work at the Long Island Children’s Museum because I retired from teaching but still had to be around kids.That’s MY passion! You were visiting there and you handed me your card. As you were leaving I told you I would check out your blog. I found that card this morning and I am so glad you shared it with me. Keep smiling and come visit us again!

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