“While there’s life, there’s hope.” Queens New York garbage company finds vintage magazine covers in East New York

“While there’s life, there’s hope.” New York City garbage company finds vintage magazine covers in East New York

Life magazine cover (look at the walls in the background -- they haven't been painted in 60 years!)

I scored these magazine covers in a rubbish removal job in East New York. I’d prefer to have gotten the magazines in their entirety, but I guess that’s Life for ya.

I was hired to do an estimate for an attic garbage removal job. Attic jobs are always the best because no one ever goes in them. Half the time, people forget what they have up there, and when I come in and take their old junk, they realize how much great stuff they have!

Want to test your knowledge of Life magazine with a little trivia? Here are some fun questions. Scroll down for the answers!

These are from the 1940s.


1. Who founded life magazine, in what year?

2. What was the first motto of Life magazine?

3. How much did one leading contributor get paid for an article?

4. What artist got his start at Life magazine and then later became the first art director at The New Yorker?

5.  What was the “Gibson Girl”?

6. Who became the new publisher in 1936?

7. How much did the new publisher pay for the magazine in 1936?

8. What award did Life magazine win in 1967?

9. What piece in the magazine led to the winning of the award in 1967?

10. What was the magazine’s cover price in 1986?

11. What year did Life magazine stop regular publication (for the first time)?

12. That year, what was the final issue of Life magazine called?

13. In October 2004, after Life had come back as a free supplement to U.S. newspapers, what were the magazine’s two biggest competitors?

14. On what date did Life close for good?

15. What major search engine started hosting the magazine’s photo archive?


Floppy hats issue


Life magazine covers, just hanging out in East New York.


1. John Ames Mitchell and Andrew Miller, in 1883

2. “While there’s life, there’s hope.”

3. $4

4. Rea Irvin

5. The Gibson Girl was a graphic representation of a 20th century woman who was strong, powerful, beautiful and independent woman. She was created by graphic artist Charles Dana Gibson.

6. Henry Luce

7. $92,000

8. 1967 National Magazine Award

9. Vietnam War photos

10. $2.50

11. 2000

12. “A Life Ends”

13. Parade and USA Weekend

14. April 20, 2007

15. Google

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One Response to ““While there’s life, there’s hope.” Queens New York garbage company finds vintage magazine covers in East New York”

  1. My parents use to get these mags when I was a kid, brings back some cool memories!! great find, thanks for posting the pics! You find the greatest things in the garbage! I love the light fixture

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