“MEN WALK ON THE MOON” newspaper found in New York City house clean-out

1969 newspaper found in garbage removal job in New York City


I don’t know what’s crazier — the fact that I found this old issue of the New York Daily News from 1969 when two men landed on the moon, or the fact that its former owner bought it for only 8 cents.  

I found this in an old desk when my crew and I were cleaning out a house. The owner had passed away and the family didn’t want it, either. But people like to save newspapers, especially those that display historical events. When Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, publications got paid. The Chicago Tribune printed an extra 200,000 copies, while The New York Times sold more than 150,000 and later printed another 75,000, according to the publication’s Web site. After the publications were sold out, people started putting them for auction on eBay. The papers were selling for as much as $400. 

But not all papers are such hot commodities. As you might have suspected, the more significant the event, the higher the price value. I would have assumed that the day two men landed on the moon would be of great importance, but duplicates of my 1969 Daily News issue are selling from as low as $3.99 to about $45 on eBay. 

Still, finding this paper was a small step for me, but one giant leap for my antique collection.

Waste Clean Up
Who would have thought a junk removal company would find such a cool item in a home clean-out job?


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4 Responses to ““MEN WALK ON THE MOON” newspaper found in New York City house clean-out”

  1. Neat, as in cool, blog. I guess we can tell when we are old by the antiques that we recognize from our youth. Just happened to find this blogging community and stumbled on this blog. I live near enough to Neil Armstrong’s home to know where he grew up, so the landing on the moon article peaked my interest. My dad used to bring home things from the local dump so I am interested too in things left behind when people move out. Things left behind by college students seem to be quite useful sometimes.

  2. That’s amazing. Piece of history there

  3. Amazing treasure, I’m sure New York Daily News would love to see the original paper and print article

  4. I have the same paper but it’s not “Daily News” My mom saved it and it’s in excellent condition!

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