DiMola clean up crew finds 1930s vintage vaporizer in Brooklyn full estate clean out


The DiMola clean up crew and I found in Brooklyn this 1930s vintage vaporizer in a full estate clean out last week. It was manufactured by a company called American Sundries and made in Brooklyn, N.Y.


This vaporizer was used for the same purposes we use humidifiers for today. A humidifier is an appliance that increases humidity and moisture in a room. Some people use them to cure congestion when they have a cold or cough.


As you can see by the pictures here and the text below, it seems that this vaporizer was also used for six patients. The model was No. U-25 and it dates back to the late 1920s to the 1930s. Here’s what it says on the box and vaporizer itself:



Renewal Electric Vaporizer No. U-25 With Steam Hood



  • APR. 19, 1927 – 1625034
  • MAR. 27, 1928 – 1663558
  • JAN. 14, 1930 – 1743823
  • SEPT. 20, 1932 – 1878587
  • JUNE 6, 1933 – 1913124
  • JULY 12, 1938 – 2123509



Fill glass jar half full of water, add a teaspoonful of the medicant, replace container on the stand, insert plug and turn on current. If water does not boil within a short time, or if vapor is weak, drop about five particles of ordinary table salt into the fluid, each particle no larger than a pinhead. To get the best results, be careful as to the amount of salt you use, as too many grains will cause over-boiling. You may also find it advisable to wait a few minutes until the vaporizer settles to a steady boil before beginning the inhalation.

Marketing Language on Box:


The Steam Hood delivers the concentrated vapor at full-strength in the most desirable direction, thus enabling the physician to prescribe the best advantage. The patient can place the vaporizer at the bedside and restfully recline or even sleep through a most efficiently administered inhalation—that’s why Doctors everywhere prescribe “the Vaporizers with the Steam Hood”.

SERVICE…If at any time some part of this vaporizer should break or be in need of repair … send only the defective part to the manufacturer (address noted below), together with seventy-five centers (75c) to cover repair, postage and handling. DO NOT RETURN THE COMPLETE VAPORIZER. The replacement or repair will be returned to you in first class condition promptly.





250 W. 120 V. A.C. ONLY

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  1. excellent find..good condition, too!

  2. […] DiMola clean up crew finds 1930s vintage vaporizr in Brooklyn full estate clean out […]

  3. Reblogged this on medical vaporizer reviews.

  4. i found one too was wondering its value

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