DiMola Bros featured in garbage picking and collection workers story on WasteRecyclingNews.com

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I’m excited to share that DiMola Bros was recently featured in a story in Waste & Recycling News, the leading information source for environmental managers and the premier marketing vehicle for equipment makers and service providers. Read an excerpt below:

Collection workers were among the first recyclers

By Jennifer Kalish, WasteRecyclingNews.com

Nick DiMola, owner of DiMola Bros. Rubbish Removal and Interior Demolition in New York City, has spent the past two decades filling his warehouse full of treasures and trinkets he found at his job sites.

“We’re in a disposable world today,” DiMola said. “Some people look at stuff and they just look at it as, anything old is junk.”

From a collection of antique Coca-Cola signs worth over $100,000 to a barrel full of ancient Mayan artifacts, DiMola has kept a wide variety of antiques and other intriguing items over the years that will one day make him some serious cash.

“I take stuff that I know is going to bring in money in the future because that’s going to be my retirement,” he said.

DiMola says he understands why private companies forbid their workers from garbage picking.

“Right now, the cost to be in business is so high, owners don’t have a choice,” DiMola said.

DiMola used to allow his workers to take scrap metal from job sites to sell at the scrap yard, but now understands the problems that can cause.

Read the full article here.

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  1. Great news. thanks for sharing!

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