Queens garbage guy hits more than half a million views on YouTube for showing Queens junk removal company videos

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I’m excited to share that the DiMola Bros. YouTube channel recently reached more than half a million views across our more than 100 videos available to watch. It further proves that people love to watch us in action as we do interior demolition removal, rubbish removal jobs, garbage collection jobs and any other Queens garbage service jobs our clients need.

We’re also coming up on our four-year anniversary on the blog, Trash Treasures of New York City, which we use to document all of the exciting trash adventures the crew and I experience as the Queens garbage company DiMola Bros. Let’s take a look at the last four years.

One of my favorite videos is called “How to Remove Ceramic Floor Tile Made Simple,” which has gotten more than 47,000 views on YouTube. View it here:

Or, check out this one, where we did a full demolition of an entire New York City restaurant.

Finally, one that I’m most proud of is a video of the work we did to help clean up Hurricane Sandy last year.

0316DiMola123CHENow, on to the blog. Back when we began the site in February 2010, we revealed that we found stacks and stacks of old German bills (yes, money!) in Flushing, Queens, on a garbage job. In March, we found old brochures from the 1964-65 New York State Fair. Those we from an estate clean-out, which is a job in which the crew and I go into a home and clean out the entire place. What typically happens is person hires us because a family member (usually a parent or close relatives who has left him an estate) has died and needs to get the deceased person’s home cleaned out.

In August 2010, we found 1936 buffalo nickels, a vintage Philip Morris cigarette can, and even a century-old coal oven, which, unfortunately, we couldn’t take with us. But I was able to grab enough photos of it to share it with all of you.

What we found in March 2011 was what we called “a garbage man’s dream.” It was a vintage Lionel train set that we found in an attic cleanout in Bayside, Queens. A train set now might be made of plastic and simply snap together, resulting in a flimsy, delicate track. The metal ones, like the one I found, are much sturdier and able to hold heavy, metal toy train cars.

Over the years, we’ve found all sorts of other exciting items: A rare Raphael Soyer painting, an autograph book dating back to 1931, a 1929 budget bank, and a 1910 vintage hot water heater.

We’ve found hundreds more items not mentioned, and we plan to find many more in Queens rubbish removal jobs that we’ll talk about here on the blog.  Follow us on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates on everything going on with DiMola Bros.’ trash treasures.

Check out some more photos here:


basement storage room clean out fresh meadow queens 007

demo madison 5 floor east 75 022

1 floor house demo 019

More Trash Treasures:

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  1. Congratulations Nick DiMola and crew~
    Keep on Truckin”

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